research areas

  Augmented Reality

  Research activities focus the augmented reality via web browser, with and without markers, using models with several level of details.
  Some preliminary results are available, fell free to test it online here.

  ar ar2 LODs Augmented web game

  Computer Games

  Research activities focus the development of games and interaction techniques.
  See the video of the WiiPlay game (link)
  jogo   golf  IPhoneG  Iphone game  Andoid game

 - WiiPlay game was the fifth in XNA Pizza Night 2010


  Computer Graphics

  Research activities includes geometric data structurtes, multiresolution, mesh simplification, interactive projections, etc...

mr nsa be  strips submesh

 - Susana Cerca got the 1st Prize in Amateur Category at SIGMAD International Animation Festival 2010.
  Their animation video was developed as a practical work of Animation and Virtual Reality in Master of Computer Science.